#olivialengofficial + Pencils of Promise

In commemoration of this new website launch I decided to do something good...I present  #olivialengofficial + Pencils of Promise a 4-day fundraiser under my official hashtag where a portion of the proceeds will go to help Pencils of Promise--which is an organization that helps children in underprivileged countries around the world get a better education by building schools, supporting teachers, and teaching children about water sanitation and health. Before I started in music as my official career, I used to teach. As an educator I helped many children from varying backgrounds receive the knowledge and skills they needed to help them become successful in their lives. I believe every child deserves that opportunity to be educated so that they can grow up to be what they want, whether that is a doctor, a teacher, artist or even a musician! So please support my new website and this fundraiser by purchasing a t-shirt! THere will also be a link in our store. 

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