#olivialengofficial + Pencils of Promise 

In commemoration of this new website launch I decided to do something good...I present  #olivialengofficial + Pencils of Promise a 4-day fundraiser under my official hashtag where a portion of the proceeds will go to help Pencils of Promise--which is an organization that helps children in underprivileged countries around the world get a better education by building schools, supporting teachers, and teaching children about water sanitation and health. Before I started in music as my official career, I used to teach. As an educator I helped many children from varying backgrounds receive the knowledge and skills they needed to help them become successful in their lives. I believe every child deserves that opportunity to be educated so that they can grow up to be what they want, whether that is a doctor, a teacher, artist or even a musician! So please support my new website and this fundraiser by purchasing a t-shirt! THere will also be a link in our store. 

Olivia Version 2.0 

Hello Everyone! So, I feel like I have been hiding under a rug so to speak...a lot has happened this year both personally and professionally for me! Here are some highlights and updates:

In February, I put out my first album with Loxdon Entertainment LLP and LDF Studios titled "Take It Baby!"...I am kind of amazed it has been doing well! Putting it out has changed my life in some ways, for example I can't go anywhere, where people recognize me, without being asked to sing a little piece of my songs. It has gained some popularity (I mean I am not Beyonce...yet), but it is now on 12 of the top 20 music streaming sites--including Spotify, Google Play, MySpace, iHeart Radio,, and Deezer.  And I have fans from around the world...some peak areas include the UK, US, Japan, and Russia! And my shout out to all of you: thanks for all you are doing to make my projects successful! I love you all!!!

And, this buzz about my debut album led to a contract renegotiation with Loxdon for a second album, this year, titled "Kissin' My Lips International" coming out on July 27th. Which, I am completely excited for as it features 2 songs in Spanish and 1 in addition to the English you are used to hearing from me! This second album has kept me busy in the studio for the past several months and has stretched me in ways I thought I couldn't be stretched in...haha! So without further is the album!

This album also brings with it--changes, that will allow my creativity a little more room. So, the big announcement attached to this update is that my second album will be my last project with Loxdon Entertainment LLP and LDF Studios.

I am grateful for the almost 2 years I have spent with my label Loxdon Entertainment LLP and the 4 years I have spent with LDF Studios--that I help built from the ground up. Everyone has been wonderful and has made this process of debuting as an artist so seamless. But as all things come to an eventual end, it is my time to say goodbye to them. 

This does not mean I am saying goodbye to music though! In fact, I have a third album planned out for the next year. It does mean though, that I am expanding beyond just music as an individual and I have some more creative projects, besides music, to share with all of you! Where and how am I doing that?...Here!

My Olivia Leng website will be the new umbrella for all of my creative projects. And this blog will specifically focus on my creative ventures in the areas of music (of course!), art, fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle! Areas where I have HUGE passions!!! So look forward to all of that creativity to come!

In addition to changes on my blog, I am also starting a store where you can purchase some of my other projects! Some new featured products (already available) are books that I have published...did you know I was an author? Well I am....All you need to do is click on the book in the store and it will take you to the Amazon link where you can purchase them. 

This addition to the store will shortly include a cookbook that will be out before Christmas of this year and a science fiction novel that will be published in 2019. Also new this upcoming year, prints of my art and photography, and a line of clothing!...More details on that later. So as you can see, lots of projects and many more to come!  

I am excited, my new team (whom I adore) is excited and we think you should be excited too!  So stay tuned for more and have fun exploring the new website and store! 


Olivia Leng