You found it--the website of the artist Olivia Leng! So a little about me...first off the question I get asked most. Where are you from? The answer is, I am from...London! Actually, I grew up a US Air Force brat so I have had a chance to call many places home. The most “home” of them all was London, in the UK (and if you were wondering, yes I had an accent, and I lost most of my accent 12 years ago). So yes, on a technicality, I am a London girl! 

Currently though, I am in Utah--where I have been working on my most recent album, "Kissin' My Lips International" and branding my other talents (besides singing and songwriting)  in the areas of fashion, makeup, art, food, and lifestyle. My personal style would be considered cohesively-eclectic. As it contains a little of everything... all that means is that I am well-rounded.  Musically though, I write pop, hip-hop, and R&B songs with some world influences combined. Also, I speak, and I can sing in a few different languages, and I can rap too. My other interests include my love of writing books, painting, photography, fashion, makeup, exercise, travel, design and food...I am such a foodie! 

Other tidbits about me: I grew up in a family that worked in the music and entertainment industry, so I guess I can say, “I get it from my Momma.” Growing up I learned to sing and play several instruments, as well as how to write, mix, and produce music...all of which I use to make my own music now. I have owned a couple production companies since then, and formerly worked with the label Loxdon Entertainment. I have been lucky enough to have jobs, throughout my life, that use all my talents. Some of those jobs have included being an executive, editor, writer/illustrator, blogger, freelance designer, dancer, and model! 

My most recent project includes taking my talents and putting them under one umbrella...this website. Because who better to represent me and all I can do than me, right?!  Well, my team and me really...whom I am completely grateful for! Love you guys!!! So, collectively--my team and I,  want you to  check out my music, read my blog, sign up  to be a "Leng Love" part of the Olivia Leng exclusive squad (aka gets you freebies), do a little shopping of our products, follow me on social media and Youtube, and  relax and enjoy all we have to offer you!