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'The It Song' Lyrics 

Hello Everybody! for today's post I wanted to give you a little insight to my writing the song lyrics and music for 'The It Song'. First off, the lyrics themselves...


'The It Song' Lyrics


Baby give me that it, it ,it

Just want to have it, it, it

We're gonna be working baby all night long 

At it, it, it

We're gonna be making it,

We're gonna be loving it, 

We're gonna be having it and doing it

Like this is it!


Rap 1:

Baby yeah I want "it" but "it" is so ambiguous

Gonna play it…

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Behind the Music 

Have you checked out my album highlight medley yet on Loxdon Entertainment and LDF Studios YouTube page yet? If not head there!!! Olivia Leng Take It Baby 1st Album Highlight Medley I'm excited for this album's release and as my treat, for the next few posts I am going to be posting my lyrics from my album "Take it Baby!' and some of the thought that went behind them.

This first Album 'Take it Baby!' has been such a journey for me to get to just even the release date. I have had many tears and struggles…

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Welcome to the Music Home of Olivia Leng! 

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official Olivia Leng website! Here you will find out news about upcoming albums, singles, promos, events, and exclusive sneak-peeks behind-the-scenes of my music process. Now get excited!!! As it turns out...drum roll please...I have an album coming out on 02.16.18 entitled Take it Baby! I have been hard working on the album for the past year with my company LDF Studios, under the label Loxdon Entertainment, and I have recently finished the recording process--Yay!!! I…

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